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Sunday 15th November, 1:00pm - 4:00pm in Clifton Hill
Yoga As It Was Meant To Be with Clare Fleming, Mark Gibson, Wai Ying Tham and Paul Majewski ‘Yoga is a science for liberating the soul by bringing the consciousness, Read More
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Sound meditation in Prahran this Saturday night – bound to be a great night, so get on up!
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Meditation Soundscapes - August - Prahran

Aug 6, 7:00pm

Body Bliss Wellbeing

Soundscapes is a meditative journey of sound and vibration through a range of instruments… Be surrounded by the mesmerising sound of various instruments which have a meditative, relaxing and healing affect on the body and soul. This month we have gong, bowls, chimes, didgeridoo, drum, harmonic whirlies, hand-pan and more! Woop!

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Just one week to go and more than 150 people have registered for this event. Please join us if you can!
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Please share to support this event. Just a few days now till Meditation in Australia: Past, Present, Future. You'll hear from A/Prof Craig Hassed, Pauline McKinnon, Ken Mellor, Kay Watts and Janet Etty-Leal. Dr Ruth Gawler will be Master of Ceremonies. Don't miss this special evening at Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square, 7pm-9pm Thursday 16 June, 2016. Refreshments and music from 6.30pm.

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Watch Dr Richard Chambers and a crack team of researchers in action.
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Hi friends, tonight I will feature on ABC's Catalyst program. I taught their science journal Graham Phillips to meditate for 6 weeks. He really got it. My friend Neil Bailey brain scanned him before and after and the amount of neural growth was like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Should be a really interesting show. If you live in Australia, tune in at 8pm or catch it on iView. #abc #catalyst #mindfulness #mindful #heartfulness #meditation #wellness #health #instadaily

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