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Meditation Events organises and promotes meditation-related events in Melbourne, including conferences, workshops, concerts, meditation practice groups and meditation discussion groups.

Our mission is to explore the world of meditation in all its diversity and bring leading meditation teachers and researchers to Melbourne to educate, rejuvenate and inspire. We wish to share the benefits of meditation with a wider audience by helping to bring meditation practice out of the fringe and into the mainstream. The speed of life is ever-increasing and meditation’s ability to help us rebalance and refocus has never been more needed.

Meditation practice offers a way of life with enormous benefits for our health and wellbeing. We hope to inspire people who may be completely new to meditation to take it up by facilitating access to knowledge and wisdom that can be integrated with daily life.

Garth Stone

Garth was introduced to meditation and its benefits from a young age. Inspired by his involvement with the family-run Jamieson Sanctuary Meditation Retreat, Garth organises, promotes and facilitates meditation events using sound to enhance meditation experiences, bringing together local and interstate meditation artists and performers.

Garth has recently joined with Paul Majewski, the director of Meditation Solutions, to form Meditation Events, aiming to promote the benefits of meditation practice in its many diverse forms.

Paul Majewski

Director of Melbourne-based specialist meditation training provider, Meditation Solutions Paul is also one of the co-ordinators of meditation practice group, Simply Silence.

Following several years of training with Eric Harrison at the Perth Meditation Centre and the completion of a period of intensive practice in the meditation temples of South-East Asia, Paul has taught meditation in Melbourne, Canberra and Perth in the corporate, government and community sectors, including the legal, medical and rehabilitation fields, since 1994.

Matthew Young

Matthew is an energetic and innovative teacher of meditation and the Director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre. He works in the public, community and corporate sectors to make meditation accessible and relevant. He has produced three guided meditation CDs as well as an online meditation course, and is currently authoring his first book, Meditation Demystified.

Matthew has studied and practised with an eclectic range of teachers, and draws on a diverse array of disciplines in order to illuminate the most useful parts of meditation.