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Om Shanti – Still Mind, Peaceful Heart

with Clare Fleming, Mark Gibson and Paul Majewski

Om Shanti – Still Mind, Peaceful Heart is a yoga workshop designed to consciously integrate your inner and outer being.

Experience mindful yoga that stills the fluctuations of the mind, cultivates physical stability and generates internal and external peace. This special three-hour workshop combines Vedic chanting with asana and pranayama linked by guided focused attention to help you explore the moment-to- moment changes you experience as a result of these practices.


Clare Fleming: Vedic chanting

Clare has been teaching yoga since 1995, after completing training in the Sivananda tradition. She continued her studies with the Heart of Yoga Teacher Education course and workshops offered through the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and affiliated teachers for several years. In this time, she developed a passion for Yoga Sutra and Vedic Chanting.  Clare furthered her yoga study privately with Mary Keizer and more recently through workshops offered by A G and Indira Mohan. Clare is part of the teaching staff of the Academy of Yoga Learning (Advanced) Diploma of Yoga Teaching, and also offers short courses in Coburg with a focus on flowing sequences guided by the intelligent use of the breath.  She runs occasional workshops on Vedic chanting and Sutra, both of which have been an important component of her personal practice and enriched her understanding of yoga. She invites you to bring these wonderful aspects of yoga into everyday language and everyday life.

Mark Gibson: asana and pranayama

Mark came to Yoga in the late ’70s as a way to relieve back pain and was attracted to its practicality and the way in which Iyengar yoga looked at deconstruction and reconstruction. His interest in yoga philosophy followed very soon after. The classes were run by Melbourne’s first Iyengar Yoga teacher Valda Moore. And it was her influence that led to Mark joining the IYTA-accredited Teacher Training course that she was conducting. Upon graduation Mark began studying with Shandor Remete for three years after he came to Melbourne in 1984.

Mark became a certified Iyengar Teacher in 1988 and established Doutta Galla Yoga Studio in 1992. He has been training teachers since 2000 and has served on the Iyengar Yoga Association Committee in many positions in the past 20 years. He has travelled to Pune and studied with BKS Iyengar and other senior teachers at the Iyengar Institute many times since his first visit in 1987.

Paul Majewski: mindful attention

Paul started his exploration of meditation practice in 1991. His main teacher at this time was Eric Harrison, director of the Perth Meditation Centre. After a period of intensive practice in meditation centres in Thailand and Malaysia in 1993/1994, Paul continued to train at the Perth Meditation Centre, where he completed the Diploma of Meditation Teaching in 1997.

Paul worked as a freelance meditation teacher, mostly in community adult education, moving to Canberra in 1998 and Melbourne in 2002. In Melbourne he established his teaching business, Meditation Solutions, which now specialises in workplace training in meditation. This work has included the implementation of meditation programs for companies such as CSL, GM Holden and NAB and courses and workshops for local government.

Sunday November 27, 2016 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Doutta Galla Yoga Studio

1A Warrick Street, Ascot Vale

Tickets $50/$40

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